Faneto Remix



Ayy, ayy, ayy (Sosa on the beat)

Gang in this bitch, gang in this bitch

(Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?)

Side in this bitch, Side in this bitch (Huh?)

Ayy, shout out blood ‘nem, Cash, what up?

All walk-ups, thirty-shots (L’z, what up, bro?)

Drums, fifty-shots, FNs

.40s, Smith & Wesson’s (We got ’em)

Nin’-things, Berettas (We got ’em)

All that, we droppin’ shit (We got ’em)

[Verse 1]

I’m in the zoo gangin’ with my troops (Zoo, huh?), shooters runnin’ loose (Them killers)

Thirty hollows in my Smith and, this is what we do (Glah, bah, bah, baow)

(We on him)

Line a fuck nigga up before I shoot (Glah)

(Where he at? There he go, they on him)

Put that drum on his block, turn ’em into dance crews (Brrt, baow)

Check a bag out of town, then get ghost (A bag, bag, bag, bag)

Niggas know that Dutcho my fuckin’ bro (That-That’s my bro, nigga)

When he caught his case, I was down with the smokеs (Woah, woah, woah)

I been down since the go (Huh?), I can get thе RICO (Woah-woah, woah-woah)

The RICO, ayy, ayy, but I can’t go, no, I can’t go (I ain’t goin’ like that)[Verse 2]

Disrespect my bloods, meet my bros (Baow, baow, baow)

(Smoke his ass)

We don’t cuff no hoes, switcharoos (Pass ’em)

(We don’t— We don’t cuff no hoes, bro)

Melly and Aero, them my loose screws (Foe ‘nem)

(I fuck with foe ‘nem)

It’s a murder scene we comin’ through (Got ’em)

(On foe ‘nem)

Shout out to New York (Gang, gang)

(What up, bro?)

100 Gang, them my fuckin’ bloods (Gang, gang)

(My bloods, bloods)

Try to take my chain, boy, who goin’? (I’m not Keef or Capo)

(Dummy, duh, dummy)

L’z dress a nigga like a bum

And I’m ridin’ with the TEC, you Raheem on the set

The last rapper with the strap got his ass whacked (Nuski, Nuski, goofy)

JoJo said, “That ain’t where it’s at,” 300 ain’t where it’s at (It’s not, on bro)

Nickel all-black (Woah), they screamin’, “Tutu back” (Gang)

Now you’s a dummy on the news, on my neck is jewels (Ice)

So how you at my neck? Queen Top, boy, keep it cool (For real)

Thirty in my Rug’ and I’m Lil’ B with that tool (Lil’ B)

Wet him like the rules, make a nigga, “Argh,” “Ooh” (Argh, argh, ooh, ooh)

And shout out to that nigga caught lackin’ ’cause that barely happen (No way)

That Beretta my sidekick, I got to keep a weapon (Got ’em)

And I fuck with Wooski, he don’t give no passes (Lil’ bro, lil’ bro)

All these niggas snaky, get found down, face in the grass, ayy (Fu-ass niggas)


Ayy, fuck it, we finna ride up on these niggas, then smoke ’em[Verse 3]

I’m from the trey, but posted on the four (St. Lawrence)

Shout out my Outlaws and my Jaros (Gang, that’s folks ‘nem)

You know I can’t forget my broski Cole (What up, bro? You know how I’m rockin’)

Hit him up, got him singin’ like OVO (He talented)

Got these niggas shook, I think they got the Holy Ghost (They scared)

Hit Steve Drive, it’s just me and 24 (Kobe)

Got these niggas in the scope (Got ’em), now we digits on the score (Got ’em)

Got ’em screamin’ like, “Boy, they finna blow” (Get low, get low)

Now he layin’ on the floor (Ugh)

They say, “Don’t pick him up” ’cause them bullets can travel (Don’t touch him, nobody touch him, nobody touch him)

He wheezin’, he startin’ to breathin’ slow (Woah, woah)

He think he see the light, he like, “Mama, I’m finna go, I’m finna go”[Bridge]

Ayy (Fuck nigga), ayy[Verse 4]

And it’s still fuck the opps (Gang), my bro got thirty-eight (Free Wee Wee)

I’m tryna check a bag just to make sure shorty straight

Trappin’ like a fool (Fool, ooh), feds tryna give me Alpo case (Huh? Ooh, ooh)

If you front your move when them bullets comin’, ándale, in his way (Ayy, baow, baow, baow, baow, baow)

We gon’ bring them bullets where the fuck you stay (Where you at?)

Shoot until the Glizzy hot, fuck the 12, free 50 Shots

Word around town, BDK got my city hot (Gang-gang, gang, gang)

Girl, don’t dance up on me, with this .40, I can’t diddy bop, silly thot (Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang)