Lend me the heart of a ghost, to meet your acceptance once more

A patient ones go to heaven, the soulless ones become a whore

I wrote three lines to seek comforts, ended with a crack in the paragraph

I am not myself tonight or ever
The burdens remain, this distance lost in the grain

To the concept of rusty chains I have attained

Take the cash from my hand, the archetype of greedGrant me the wisdom to rеad an/the art, from the abstract lines to thе bleakest part

To embrace the pale memories in the pleasure to obey you

I am not myself tonight or ever

I’ve become myself since forever

Devoured by fear. Engineered by god

Despised from history. Expanded in silence

For nothing has changed I am once myselfBeing deaf in the concrete labyrinth

Tortured in demented dreams

Forget me for being myself

Trapped in perception tying the knot

I’ve become myself since forever

I’ve returned to myself forever