Fire In The Hole

Yeah, yeah, yeah (Blood sippin’)
Blood, blood, blood, blood
Seeping into the mulch, I needed a quick result
I read it and don’t respond
She see it and salt sprinkle
I needed another go
I’m seeing her when I want
Fire leaping out the hole
Deep breathing only make it grow
Ain’t wanna leave the clutch (Clutch)
Far be it for me to plead with y’all
Hit, leanin’ into the crutch
Speedin’ through the lulls
Take heed, we took an oath to the sword
The shield took a couple chinks but it never broke
I know what he mean, how I play it based on what I’m shown
Consolidate the cream, then I’m headed home
She ain’t shine like fourteen karat gold, rewiring
Patchin’ holes
It’s no rewinding, for the umpteenth time, it’s only forward
Peace to AKAI SOLO, the soldier
I couldn’t toast a drink to demise, I heard the clink
Life could change in the blink of an eye, I’m wrinklin’ time
I’ma leave it to y’all to get hoodwinked and surprised
Threw on some Bootsy, I rather be with you when I’m high
I went ahead and mixed some Beetle Juice with the wine
Skin contact, peeling her eyes, squeeze down
It’s been a minute since I blew up your line
I leave town fast
Out the dungeon like Outkast
Funnels with the loud pack
Hunter’s boots crunchin’ through the brown grass