Future ATL – Chosen One Lyrics

[Hook: Future] Bought a Phantom ’cause I always wanted one
Made a film with them bitches, ain’t no one-on-one (movie)
Got this watch, and this watch like a one of one
All my niggas millionaires, it ain’t just one
Have a few chains on, I don’t have but one
Bought a few houses and I never sleep at one
And I can have ten cars and I wouldn’t drive one
And when you make it from the bottom, you the chosen one

[Verse 1: Future] Freeband millionaires…
The foundation…
Turning into something…
Yeah, I’ve been good at it… (turn up)
Rich nigga since birth, Louis V chinchilla
Bought a brand new Rover, drive it like a 4 wheeler
Solid gold AP, flooded out with them crystals
Shinnin’ just like molly, I woke up in a new Bugatti
Free lil Kirk Wood, Young Gotti, free my nigga White Boy too
I whipped up a two and a baby and I spent that on Jimmy Choo
You got goons around you nigga, I keep shooters around me, fool
I’m a young rich nigga from the bottom I came up and I can’t lose

[Hook] [Verse 2: Future] Paid dues with that work
Sellin’ dope for some Air Max
Send a band through the mail
When it come through, call that air attack
Molly World, got ‘em overdosin’
Love for me, and they know I’m chosen
Turnt up and you know it
I ain’t never had shit, but you know it
Got bodies bags on body bags around here
I’ve got fur coats on fur coats
And you know I ride on rims
Made 10 top 10 records in 10 months
Ain’t even finished
I know you’d rather see me losing, dawg
And you hate to see me winning
I’m a millionaire, you can’t doubt it
Rich Gang, I’m ’bout it
Bossed up, my status
I know you want my spot
If sound just like the future
Then maybe I could get high
I’m the flyest nigga on Earth
And my money always gon’ burst, hey…


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