Game Wit Me


Why they wanna play a game with me

When I’m just sitting trying to watch the TV

Ay, I’m watching CBeebies

Ay, I don’t care what you even say

Woah woah, I float like a bird

Woah woah, show you like you turd

Woah woah, switch it up now

Woah woah, 2022, woah (yah)
[Verse 1: McMoanin]

You wanna play a game with me?

You wanna play Minecraft with me?

Let’s play ROBLOX

Let’s play ROBLOX

No, no, no I said no

Bitch check the [?] answer

No, no

Talking to you, check me out on the YouTube (No no, it’s lit, no)

You wanna watch a show with me (no no no no no)

You wanna watch YouTube with me (yeah)

Let’s watch my OnlyFans (that is really problematic)

Let’s go to a restaurant (What restaurant?)

Oh then I’m at some KFC (That is really boring)

How about we play Football? (That is still really boring)

We could play some Fall Guys (Fall Guys is pretty boring)

What about somе Garry’s Mod? (Garry’s Mod is pretty boring)

Ok well-

[Verse 2: Mushii]

Ay, I’m crazy at Fall Guys

Ay, you know I eat all thе pies

Ay, yeah

Ay, yeah

I’m old as fuck, I’m old as fuck

I’m moldy cheese, I’m in 3D

I’m freestyling, this is crazy

Woah, woah woah