GFOTY – Christmas Day Lyrics

[Intro] Hey guys, Girlfriend of the Christmas here, wanting to wish you a really cool day with your favorite merry people. If you don’t get any presents you asked for, don’t panic. I’ll be in each and every one of your dreams tonight. Might even make it to a few hundred beds, but who knows? XXX, G-F-O-T-Christmas-Y

[Chorus x2] Angel, Mistletoe, Christmas Day
Let me ride your Christmas sleigh

[Verse 1] Found the cheer
But a lot today
It’s not about the money, but the gifts today
The gift of food and brand new games
And wearing a hat that says Christmas Day

[Chorus x3] [Verse 2] Fell in love with a tiny elf
In the shape of a snowflake on Christmas Day
Snowman B-F-O-T-Y has melted away
It’s sad, it’s Christmas day

Christmas hat, yuletide, my jingle brew
Present, egg nog, Santa
Paws, reindeer, tree
Elves, gifts, mistletoe
Noel, cheer at Christmas time
Father Christmas

[Chorus x3]

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