Guerilla War Tactix – Invisible Foorprints Lyrics


The shadow government
Trynna manipulate us
Fuck that
Uh, Guerilla War Tactix
What up, Promo?

(Verse 1)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Man, it’s just another Sunday, the train took away and collapsed
Dead bodies in the subway, bloody railway tracks
Contract of destruction, how to train the staff
They smuggled grenades to the tunnel to arrange the crash
A terrorist with a gas mask attack the crack whore
Mix her heroin with anthrax and snatched her passport
She would use her licence when she flew the airport
From explosive devices planted under these platforms
The intruder took her move from London
Brutally hacked the computer to soon react to bombings
Leave nothing but zombies and broken backs in concrete
Nuclear weapons, chemical death in the darkness
She escaped the lobby, to hit a plane with an army
Heart beats from a hostage raped in the carpet
She updated the harvest with a deadly technology
To create a catastrophe dedicated to politics, boom
Cash and gold got stacked in the row
For the hijack to cancel cutting bashing the throats
The cabin at smoke, the transport about to explode
The whole motherfucking panel were out of control
They kept moving the riot, executed the pilots
The fuel in the fire, made the whole crew suicidal
I keep shooting my right books and revolution in power
Until they finally can tell the truth of twin towers
She touched her blood-dripping vagina
The soldiers fucked her in the coma in oppression in China
She found dizzy from being tided up with bandanas
And start wishing she died instead of surviving al qaeda
They received the telegram regarding her death
Like she was bleeding with a pentagram scarved in her flesh
The cause of stress, the guards were marching her steps
And dragged her by the arm to respond to text
Like the middle ages agents through a recited chamber
Smashed her kneecaps, been vastly placed to bacon
They betrayed her feedback for information
And make her eat glass ’til her teeth were breaking
It’s the planed of apes, where we painting a vision
When politicians sniffing cocaine on prostitute bitches
She was raped in the prison, a military temple
She placed her hand on the belly and realized she was pregnant

(Verse 2)
The blood is mixed with the water
Broken, now she’s giving a birth to a daughter
Same time, the soldier was giving the order to commence the slaughter
He’s more than broke, couldn’t afford to stay at home
His new family consist of embedded reporters
And though they say this war is moral, he just wanted to be over
Wishing the mission’s aborted (Abort mission)
But there ain’t no end to the story
George gotta have that oil and we keep gettin’ it foreign
From the foreign four corners of this world
Red blood keep on pouring
Together with the block, they all the young in the older
I’m a contracted killer with

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