Happy Halloween 2


Ayy, I seened you

Okay, Happy Halloween 2

Happy Halloween 2

Fasho, Yall niggas asked for this shit, so here it go

Ayy, Happy Halloween 2, I didn’t mean to

I just dropped on these fuck niggas when I didn’t need to

Look at the face on these fuck niggas whenever I swing through

Right there inside, tie the kids and the wife, then tell her she’ll die if she scream too

This shit like Scream 2

Nigga can’t hide, I seened you

Big CEO got a maintainance crew, I’ll have the whole block cleaned too

I’m Fendi Fresh on a bitch

I snapped neck on a brick

I dropped a check on the kicks, Uhh, I kicked some expensive lil shit

Ayy, I got young niggas ready to spin someone shit, and these young niggas ready to clique

Kicked the ho’ out my bed for some shit, and I didn’t even get the head from the bitch

And she caught with some dope in a federal place, Im scared for the bitch

I’m a boss you gon’ do what I say, when I get home I kick out my legs on a bitch

And I wake up with that fire, so don’t get it fucked up go to bed with the glick

Pop a perc’ and be scared for the bitch

I’m not fucking less’ I get some head from the bitch

I’m a shooter forreal, I post up with the sticks

And I uber the kill and go home to my bitch

That a nigga that sit on the throne cause’ he rich

If you tapped in, Do not call my phone for the fish

Fucked up Lil Diniko head with pills back in school, and he been gone ever since

I don’t give a fuck how much money they pay, im gone get it, Nigga I want every cent

And if I can’t get no money from yo’ conversation, stop talking, not making no sense

Im sliding in the back of the foreign, I’m smoking, looking for Robbers and Jakes through the tints

Ayy, cause’ some of these niggas they bad with police cause they stay getting pinned

Friday the 13th nigga I was somewhere sliding, I made a play for the rent

Knew i was too broke to go on the field trip, even though my momma had signed the consent

I was 19 when I hit for that 30, I gave every dime to Calint (gave the dime to my momma)

I give my time for this shit

Ayy, I put in all the grind for this shit

I damn near lost my mind for this shit

So I need like a quarter I signed for this shit

I was patiently waiting for that .30 to kick, then it hit me

No rega’ degular car, this a Bentley

You ain’t gon’ make it too far tryna trick me

I took 7 of them shots, So that’s 3 more than Lil Rick and 2 times less than 50

Better stack you some money

You get in this shit cause’ you know that that shot can go quickly

Nigga know I was broke, thanks to my bitch cause’ she spent all the time trying to fix me

And keep popping that Shine’ til he Christian

Watch, when I finally sign, she gon’ miss me

Ayy, and I’m not going nowhere without thirty shots

I can’t leave without mine, cause’ its risky

Go up the dosage on the percocets

You know imma’ supply my addiction

You know we hit that boy block and we hit that boy spot, and he died in the kitchen

Sometimes I’m not even fucking my ho, Nigga I’m somewhere minding my business

So now these niggas get to finally witness

Ayy, I put the sweat, and the blood and the tears in this shit ,cause’ bitch this was mines to begin with

Im somewhere fucking on me a Lil Keisha ,I keep on declining Lil Cindy

And watch the niggas that’s sposed’to be partners with you, because mines was a witness

And niggas was sposed’ to be all on my side, then my side started switching

Cause I know I done ran up me a fifty, that’s just off a couch and them giftings

Been in the seem clothes two weeks, I’m jost gon’ trap in a Fendi

And all the niggas thats cappin the most always saying NoCap in they sentences

He threw that bomb in that iron, run it back, so the plug always ready to kick it

Ayy, I do everything in this one lil shack, So you know im gon’ trap till its finished

And you know I had gave Bab a lil pack just to see if he gon’ handle his business

Ayy, if you owe me, then no, then I don’t want it back

Cause’ Im done with a strap and a vengeance