Hiding In Plain Sight (Intro)


Ayo Drab hiding in plain sight is on YouTube right now it got leaked

What? Wait wait, what’s hiding in plain sight is that one of your songs?

No it’s my fucking album[Ronnie]

Oh that’s the whole name?[Drab]

Yeah bro that’s the name of the fucking album what the fuck


Yo, I really hope he was joking

Yo I’m ’bouta go insane if he was real[Drab]

What the fuck are you talking about Paul?[Ronnie]

Yo that’s what he said-[Drab]

Don’t fucking scare me like that bro

What the fuck is wrong with you?[Ronnie]

Yo that was- look go up it was Ak last music[Drab]

Wait hold on, wha- what how- what the fuck

My heart fucking stopped