Home ! (its okay !)


I see your eyes

They sparkle like the sunset

Across the lake of the camp that I went to

The summer my eighth grade year

(The summer my eighth grade year)

And it’s a weird feeling

Guess I’m not used to

Being so close to

All of the things that I dreamt of

And you right here next to me

(You right here next to me)


There’s a clarity

And a feeling of

Just enjoying how far I’ve come

So still through everything

And my suffering

You’re really all I can think of

You’re not a thousand miles away

You’re only down a couple roads

Trust me when I say

“You’re more than just my girlfriend

You’re my home”[Bridge]

And if it makes you feel better

I’ll make sure I’ll see you again

Like Mississippi weather

We don’t know what we’re doing[Outro]

But it’s okay

(It’s okay)

It’s okay

(It’s okay)

We’re gay

(We’re gay, it’s okay)

It’s okay

(It’s okay)

It’s okay!