Howl With Me

Ay, ay que fiebre, ay
Yeah, she got found half alive by a pack of wolves in them there woods
Yeah, seems she became a part of the gang soon enough, just like that pack of scoundrels knew she would
One day she got bored, she built a raft, she floated down that slow ass stream
She must have been traveling for days, it seemed, as she’d fallen into a dream
She said “Come howl with me, baby”
Come howl with me baby, tonight
Come howl with me, baby
Come howl if you know what’s right
Around midnight
Yeah, she drifted for days till one misty afternoon
Standing by the river she met a big bear named Moe
She waved him aboard with a big bottle of moonshine then off down the river they did go
Yeah, he looked over at this little blue eyed snow fox of a girl
It seems my little dear weve arrived at that moment where there’s a fork in the road
Which way you wanna go?
Come howl with me, baby