Evan’s Song (Edit Mix)

[Verse 1: Evan]

And I made this all day, and all night

Working on this, and now I’m not gonna fight

With a dog that’s sitting on a log
[Verse 2: Evan]

This is the second part of my song

Because I decided to make it kinda longer

Than I wanted it, um, something, something, something

Don’t throw a fit

It’s not like I’m gonna scream

It’s more like I’m gonna scream out everything

Wait that didn’t make sense

I have to do this again OH MY GOD

[Verse 3: Evan]

Where I messed up, I totally meant to do that

For lolz

I didn’t mean to actually do that

Wait.. I just accidentally said that

NO, I meant to say I meant to do that

Totally, that was totally intentional

It was totally intentional

This is the end of the song, goodbye

End of the song


Little did Evan know I’m also herе…