I, Valiance – The Blood Beneath My Nails Lyrics


Why do I love the void? What have I become?

I am not the same, I am different in ways, Completely insane.
Hell is but a place, I’ll find it some day, The devil awaits.

Worthless being, I’ve walked the earth in disgusting ways.
Suffering, Spewing forth from my agony.

The man who has no face, Follows me through eternity.

No vision, No exits, Just a tunnel of blackness and my ambition.
Picture this, Bodies molded into the walls, Reaching out to you because they know you’ve got a soul.
Chambers so decrepit and vague, Fomented flesh and decay.
An overwhelming sense of shame followed by the screams of the suffering.
But it all doesn’t really make sense when I’m standing by the reapers grave.
Another omen I didn’t foresee, another sign that I’m his slave.

Endless corridors within my mind create a maze, Try to escape before you suffocate.

Worthless being, I’ve walked the earth in disgusting ways.
Suffering, Spewing forth from my agony.

Designed this place within my withered mind, Another way to dissect time.
A place born from the darkness that I hide, The place I live when I close my eyes.

Why am I corrupt?, Why the fuck did I live a life so undone.
Does it run in my blood?, Was it predisposed before my life begun?
My whole life I had a pocket full of bad ideas, A bad attitude in a never ending state of fear.
Questionable ideals and decisions I wish disappeared
Regrets and shame formulate inside a single tear.
Through these acts the devil saw potential, Mold me into another fallen angel.
Curse the earth for the ground it hates you, Turn your back on a world so hateful.
Ripped my heart out, Drank the blood down, Hoping that I’d drown, But I bled out.
Never thought you had to claw your way into hell, Suppose it makes sense when our worlds are parallel.

I’ve let the darkness devour me, and I sat there willingly.
I felt it’s teeth disembowel me and slowly remove my humanity.

What, What.

I am the heartless son, A reject of humanity.
My soul is in the furnace where it always belonged.

My soul is in the furnace, where it always belonged.

I am unborn, Please forget me.

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