I Went to Walmart at 5am


What if

I’m really thirsty

I feel we got the firch

(Oh, goddammit)
[Verse 1]

Went to the freshly, get something to drink

Nice shit, but the water, I don’t know, damn sink

How the fuck I let this skate? By, this ain’t a roller rink (No it’s not)

But the milk expired, goddamn, this shit stink (Ew)

Ain’t no food in the freezer, man the shit that went to stink (Oh no)

I might have to go to Walmart, yeah I think (I think, I think)

Had a bit of wine, which I don’t usually drink (I don’t drink)

But I smoked a blunt, oh my bad, it was three (Oh my bad)


Guess I’m goin’ to Walmart, yeah

Guess I’m goin’ to Walmart, yeah

Guess I’m goin’ to Walmart, yeah

Now I’m goin’ to fuckin’ Walmart (Of course)

Goin’ to Walmart at five in the morning (Goin’ to war)

One more trip at five in the warning

Yeah, I’m goin’ to Walmart

Oh yeah, I’m goin’ to Walmart (Of course)

Bitch I’m goin’ to Walmart

Fuck, I’m goin’ to Walmart (Oh yеah)

Goin’ to Walmart at five in the morning

‘Cause I’m fuckin’ hungry and I’m fuckin’ through to sleep[Verse 2]

Stеpped into Walmart, and I got the shopping cart (Of course!)

This right here is my fuckin’ favorite part (Favorite part)

But before the shopping can really fuckin’ start (Fuckin’ start)

You know I gotta go and fuckin’ buy some Magic cards (Hahaha)

It’s not my fault they keep ’em at the front

Anyways, back on track, let me get this shit done

I see it, I want it, I throw it all in (Throw it all)

Corn dogs, pizzas, and fuckin’ ramen

‘Cause I got the green tea, the sweet tea

The peach tea, the raspberry (Uh-huh)

And you know all this shit ’bout fuckin’ Gold Peak

Got some juice, and it was Minute Maid

Country Time lemonade (Uh-huh)

Forgot to pay, but sales forgot we ran out the other way (We ran)

Pass ’em, wet it, there’s some food on my fur

Baby’s okay, I’ll be on my way (Oh yeah)


I went to Walmart

Bitch I’m goin’ to Walmart

Ay, yuh, I went to Walmart (Yuh)

Yuh, I went to Walmart

(Gang gang) I went to Walmart at five in the morning

‘Cause me and my kiddies are really fuckin’ hungry

Oh my God, oh my God, yuh yuh (Look at all y’all)

I went to Walmart at five in the morning, yuh yuh (Alright)[Outro]

It was five A.M. on the muhfuckin’ card (I went to Walmart)

Scary as fuck, I don’t know it went too hard, ah

Die hard, tell that bitch, ha, hard at ya

Alright, hell yeah (Fight)

Alright, ha