Napeza gelo (napeza gelo)

She’s very special (she’s very special)

Am tired of waitin (am tired of waitin)

It’s her am engagin (it’s her am engagin)

I told my mother (I told my mother)

She told her father (she told her father)

We love each other (we love each other)

I wanna be with you now and forever more, Ichupo


Napeza gelo (napeza gelo)

Nisakila venue (nisakila vеnue)

Within the country (within the country)

To unitе this family (to unite this family)

We at the church service (we at the church service)

To receive our blessings (to receive our blessings)

It’s our wedding (it’s our wedding)

I say I do now and forever more, Ichupo