I heard people been talking about me a little to much


Its mine turn to talk about them a bit


Lets go!

People think I’m the same as I was in the past

But the past didn’t pass tense bars when he rapped

Come to think I’m way more better go check the facts

If you think I’m old me where have you been at?

I upgraded my arsenal

My punches, flows, and pronouncation

You can anything possible

You do not need gratification

Just don’t stop no matter the obstacle

I’m living proof

Just imagine a kid spitting in his room

Wanting to prove

The sky is not thе limit so ain’t the moon


And to you who called me a wanna bе luke

Was the best thing you could’ve come up with dude

Man Imagine sneak dissing somebody who

Gave most of his platform cus he saw talent in you

You know who are

Anyways I’mma stop wasting a bar

New me goes hard

A lot of people used me but I’ll discard

One more thing, this wasn’t mainly I diss

It just to show my improvement so far

I want my name, to be up with the stars

That’s my goal, let that be known, it’s to be with GAWNE and people that are

My inspiration for getting on the mic and ripping the beat apart

You thought my last singles we’re the beginning?

Nah, The record that your listening too right now is only the start