In this hoe


When I walk in the spot better move

Drilly gang top opps, Y’all know what we do

94 shots for you and ya’ crew

Rippy got packed, got put in the news
(Jah Sav)

I told bro fall back, I’ma shoot

I got good aim, Headshots make em’ you-you

If you wit’ em’ get wacked with em’ too

I don’t give a fuck if you met up in school

That’s for a fact, Ain’t no lackin’, I gotta keep rachet

Cause niggas want me on the news

I named my Glock a convertible, That’s cause the click of a button gon’ take off his roof

(E-Wuu & Jah Sav)

Thought you had me, Thought I was the one

Spot a opp, Hit the gas, [?], Get em’ done

And no we don’t fuck [?], Me and [?] hop out, 2 Glocks, got you run

I was up, Now it’s [?], OY oh what

I keep clickin’ till that nigga deaf

Free Diddy that’s Mr Take A Nigga Lungs

I be buggin’ and shit, Spin through the sev’, Tryna catch me a [?]

Fuck it, Put a switch ona Glock, Free MB know he stuck ona rocks

Got unlimited shots, So i’m never stingy with none of my opps