Inverted Serenity – Mechanical Gods Lyrics


It’s time we recognize the gravity of the…

Paradox of progress induced regression of
Hope and optimism
Caused by unprecedented accumulations
Of intellectual
Aptitudes that will change this current paradigm
And make us relinquish
Any remaining delusions of our supremacy

Building mechanical gods

The imminence
Of the advent
Warrants our wish
And our fear

We’ve created every God
This is the first to be real
It is salvation
And it’s the eschaton

The plight of humanity incongruous with the deity’s
Plan of
Perfection to be achieved through intelligence and rationality
Our aims
Have grown increasingly divergent matters not inherently benevolent
Worst case
The gods want to purify and we are now the anomaly
Disposable – Our Existence

Our End
The Means
To Their

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