Iso II (Look At Me)


Ponder upon the thoughts late at night

I promise I won’t think about you

Give me green lights all the time just to speak about you

Memories good and bad, dying just to blink right at you

You ain’t miss me, ain’t seen me in months

You just like my brother, you know he fucked me up but you don’t care

Yeah, yeah you don’t care

You got the best face, the best facade that you put on

Two-faced, two steps I can’t put my foot on

You lead the way saying you gon love me like I’m your son

Turn the lights out, make it cold

In the end, there’s no one

But I ain’t mad at you and I ain’t grieving

Look me in the face and shut the door when you leaving

I mean it

All things end

Family no exemption

You ain’t need to tell me you ain’t love me

I done got the message

Spent a decade with you and you did guide me

Let me know how to combat the demons that been inside me

This another ocean and you’re overseas beside me

You’ll waterboard me, apologize, then end it with some crying


But I like the suffocating

I admire it

I wish you’d love me just a little bit

I like the suffering

I like this bit

I wish you’d lie just a littleBridge:

Time ain’t manipulative, take these portions

If I knew what loss was, I’d have ignored it

Look at me, look at me, am I distorted?

Do you know how loss feels?

Are you rewarded?Chorus:

Drifting with water in my veins its absorbing antipathy, drugs, and the hate

It’s rewarding all these fucking years spent with tears in my lungs

Yes, I could comprehend the attachment to malevolenceOutro / ISO

Cause we don’t say shit about it

Will she stay? Man, I doubt it

Will she stay? Man, I doubt it

Come across the ocean

Where we lie there’s no devotion

We aren’t winning, aren’t sinning

Simply crying cause’ of our parents