Picked Off


(Oh yeah, AD)

SRT on every Glock

SRT on every Glock

Tinted in this bitch, a hundred shots off in the whip (Off in the whip)

Chase you down and we don’t get from ’round until we dump the clip (Until we dump the clip)

Ghost a town like, bitch, who laughin’ now? That boy pack of the year (That boy pack of the year)

We gon’ spin again and catch your mans, lil’ bitch, you better not slip (Better not slip)

Ayy, my niggas like murder, that shit hit like crack back in the day

Caught his ass and ran him down, I damn near ate that nigga face (Ate his face)

I hear police sirens, he ain’t dead, but I can’t catch this case (Catch this case)

Mad as fuck and plus my clip еmpty, this his lucky day (Lucky day)

Better not have no loosе lips (Nah)

Baby, I’m with Ku ‘nem (Bitch)

Don’t tell us ’bout no nigga, bitch, we’ll shoot him (Pussy)

Put that shit up on his head and let my niggas do him (Gang, gang)

Police come, don’t say no names, I say I never knew him (Shh)

Niggas on that cocky shit, this Glock kill for a cocky bitch (Buh)

Forty shots off in the K, this bitch look like a hockey stick (Hockey stick)

Niggas just be cappin’ while they tellin’ y’all they poppin’ shit (Poppin’ shit)

I don’t spare a fuckin’ thing, she play and I’ma pop the bitch

I be with them gang members (Yeah), them niggas can’t touch me (Touch me)

Rapper nigga mad because his cousin wanna fuck me (Fuck me)

Bitch, I’m in his bousin, bitch, I’m bustin’, ho, don’t hug me (Hug me)

She don’t got no ass and she ain’t bad, that bitch ugly (Ugly)

Shh, got a mush mouth (Bitch), all that fuckin’ shit he talk

I feel I can’t catch his ass, so that’s what got his nigga bought (Come here)

JDot got them murder bags, I dare a nigga piss me off (Big bag)

Them niggas killed Ralo, swear to God, we set the city off (City off)

Last nigga pulled up, hmm, he got picked off

It’s just me and 4 Brazy (4 Brazy), know he let that stick spark (Stick spark)

These niggas just talk crazy, all they do is shit talk (Shit talk)

P4K a free pack ’cause he got a big mouth

In the A, I’m murder man

Watch me do my murder dance (Murder dance)

These niggas ain’t grab a ski until they made them COVID masks (COVID masks)

He act like it’s up with us, so I told bro, “Go smoke his ass” (Smoke his ass)

.223 a fully auto, bet that bitch gon’ fold his ass (Gon’ fold his ass)

Fuck that boy, smoke his ass

Bust him down, roll his ass

Last pack was too big to get back, I know they mad

Boy, this shits made shit splat, his brain out all on the glass (Bitch)

Boy, we brought that pain out, you run with him, you gettin’ smashed