Je Suis Lunaire

[Verse 1]

It’s all coming together now

Eyes like hurricanes and sleeping gowns

Look me in the eyes as I’m buried in the ground

Head on hardwood shoulders weighs a thousand pounds

My sleeve is in cement

It’s bringing me down

Oh, waltz across the heavens

Like you’re on thin air

Oh, je suis lunaire

[Verse 2]

Take a sip of poison from your daddy’s glass

It’s okay though cause this pain will pass

Bleary eyed night again your skin is gonna crack

A bad decision left on an overpass

But I will be here

Breathing nonetheless[Chorus]

Oh, waltz your way through hell

They’ll stop and stare

Oh, je suis lunaire[Bridge]

You’re looking better in polaroids

See all the faces that you now avoid

I can’t stop watching

You can’t stop leaving[Chorus]

Oh, waltz across my head

I don’t even care

Oh, je suis lunaire

Je suis lunaire