Watch me plex
Fast life into the next
Maxed side, been through finesse
High phenomenon
The beat goes on x2
Despite err- thing bound before the air
Seem like she never cared
Bitch suck my dick
This shit that head banging, lead slangin, crystal bed swanging
Show me how to be it
40s for them demons
Open colosseums
Dead beat in a BMW
Can’t help what I’m seeing, Mother choose
It’s me or the leagues endangered too
Like fuck what u chose, Big Jody outta her
Dick serrated soul caliber
Don’t you trust them xannies gushing with tuss and
The beat goes on x3
On and on, fate set it all along
No one to call my own
Diamond dimin’ out
The back sunroof top
For southern suicide

Once again I’m a slave one slip and I’m lost in my ways
I never will admit the pain
I’ll take that to my grave
Still feeling the weight of the grey
That I put myself on that day
I still suffer that way
Don’t you see you’re slaughtering me
I’m stumbling mumbling free
But I’m shackled at feet
Survive all these trials at night
I’m lifted but still gotta fight and I-
What am I to do?
If this shit not for you then fuck-
Tie a fucking noose and jump
This suicide in you I trust
All these fucking pussy boys I light em to ignite my blunt
Todd slice em sip their fucking blood
From skulls please fill my fucking cup

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