Kenny Chesney – Coastal Lyrics

[Verse 1] Tank top, love handles
Tube socks, Jesus sandals
Cheap blender, ice bucket
Raw oysters, yeah, give me one and shake it

[Verse 2] Holds up a frozen orange daiquiri
And laughs, here’s to the boys at the factory

[Verse 3] No more building transmissions
He’s going deep sea fishing
Catch a marlin, catch a tan
Catch a local cover band

[Verse 4] Hey, you got to watch that man
He’ll go coastal on you

[Verse 5] Silver hair, silver Buick
Winter’s coming, better move it
Southbound before they get snowed under
Call the kids, tell them see you next summer

[Verse 6] No more freezing their tails off
It’s cataract sunglasses and a round of golf
Red skin, green plaid, margarita, dog track
Before you know it Mom and Dad
They’ll go coastal on you

[Interlude] Sounds so good, got me thinking
What do you all say after I’m done singing

[Verse 7] We just take a little getaway
Cruise it down the A1A
Florabama to the Keys
Better keep your eye on me

[Outro] I’ll go coastal on you
I’ll go coastal on you
Yeah Yeah, Uuh
Yeah, I’ll go coastal on you

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