Kids Are Sleeping


Ayy, Ayy


Ten politicians come out Chin Chiki

KEL-TEK swinging hanging out the dashiki

Suppressor make it squeaky

Don’t blame me, y’all made murder so easy

They showed me on the T.V

Desensitize as I hand sanitize

And real niggas never seem to win by landslides

To me, a hundred P’s is a fucking grand prize

In a pool with two queens who can’t get tan lines

I’m really just a nigga with a little airtime

And no spare time, put the shit in motion

Ain’t no fucking rewind, are you fucking behind?

You already failed this class like three times

Niggas better wise up

It’s a special occasion and momma cooking pies up

Watch the dough rise up

G.O.V. tryna act like they despise us

Just to realize the whole time they designed us

Four-hundred years of crafting, look what happened

A whole lotta seniors dying to be underclassmen

Never be free, too scared of advancing

And niggas like me leave ’em read like a caption