KMT (Freestyle)


Ayy, ayy

Free smoke, free smoke, ayy

Oh fuck, wrong song, my bad

Yeah, ahem!

Y’all muhfuckers say that your shit is better than mine

I take a listen, and I’m kissin’ my teeth

Always told me I should quit, and my shit is trash

But they all know, there ain’t nobody sicker than me

Yeah, I rap ‘bout drugs, gangs, violence, all of that shit

But I only say it figuratively

And they takin’ my jokes too seriously

But I’m here to say, so y’all better listen to me

I don’t wanna be like anyone else, I’m just bein’ me

Drownin’ in the money, I be seein’ green

There’s a lot of fake homiеs comin’ ‘round now

So I gotta always keep my phone on DND

My shit finna blow up like TNT

You want a mixtape? Wait three morе weeks

No matter what, I’m always in my B-A-G

Y’all can’t seem to focus, y’all got ADHD

Crm’s back, sound the alarms and ditch

All my opps dead, I leave all my target’s hit

Spazzin’ on beats, goin’ retarded shit

So motherfuckers really think I’m autistic

Nah, I’m artistic, ‘cause I’m an artist, bitch

On my Carti shit, fuck a narcissist

They keep ringin’ triple zero, ‘cause their speakers

Burned down the house, bitch, I’m an arsonist

She ain’t the girl that I want

If I shoot my shot, then it’s target practise

Emotional guy, if I’m deep on the beat

Then it becomes hard to match this

Can’t relate to sleepin’ softly

I must be restin’ on a harder mattress

My girl she makes me smile, prettiest face

Way below par no average

Spittin’ imagery, my games a whole art form

Prophet poppin’ off, it deserves an encore

Always took less, even though I want more

Chillin’ in the attic, while they at the top floor

Forget the contour, you know I ain’t bout that

Keep it hundred, like the man’s that stole your heart back

On this dime piece, you can’t put a price tag

Fake friends, snitches, we don’t like that

Startin’ to sink, soon I’m gonna drown

My clip got a whole hundred rounds

I just wanna know what they talk about

Can’t keep a secret, ‘cause they talk too loud

They didn’t want smoke, oh you want it now?

You ain’t no king, bitch, I run this town

I told y’all nothing’s changed

But they still lookin’ at what I read all about


I just keep kissin’ my teeth

I just keep kissin’ my teeth

Bodies keep droppin’ ‘cause muhfuckers

Don’t learn their lesson when dissin’ on me

I just keep kissin’ my teeth

I just keep kissin’ my teeth

They didn’t think I’d make it this far

Well now I’m here, let’s see