Verse 1

Baby girl know ima star hop in my car she can’t even park it

Gone head roll me blunt give me a lighter so I can spark it

Shorty do got good head and she young fresh outta college

I’m tryna fuck dis bitch shorty so smart shorty got knowledge

I’m tryna break her back make her glow like ima stylist

Ion even want dat bitch shorty keep talking tell her be quiet

He ain’t even know ima pimp I got hoes like Quagmire

Shorty love sucking on dick sucking on mines like a pacifier

Ion even want to see her matter fact ion even wanna meet her

Pockets fat just like peter bitch my swag way off da meter

She keep calling me a cheater ex nigga mad dats why he beating her

His bitch like my songs shorty say I be ona beat like a preacher

I’m tryna fuck on Mia ass so fat please believe it

Shorty over here showing her clevelege

Told that bitch she can be my secret

Told that bitch no peaking

Gotta sex tape but I ain’t gone leak it

Niggas be mad I’m freaking

Fucking they bitch when we link ona weekend

Gotta bad problem with cheating

I’m in love with sneaking and geeking

Just don’t mind us speaking

Catch me a opp like a broom I’m sweeping

I’m tryna fuck Jajaya but she playing and don’t wanna see me

I’m tryna give her my semen if she have my baby I hope dat she keep it

Verse 2

Put his goof ass ina box

Tryna fuck da bitch cuz da bitch is a thot

Nigga try me getting shot

Niggas didn’t know I was toting a Glock

Niggas ain’t off the block

Niggas be scared ain’t sending no shots

Niggas wanna beef with me but his goof ass don’t got no guap

You can catch me at the top

Ima with the stars smoking on pot

You ina picture its cropped

Niggas turn snakes and turn into opps

I be running from cops never catch me running from opps

Rip to my pops free all my niggas stuck ina box
Dineroobandz – Knowledge (Prod. Mrweaverr x dineroobandz type beats)