Krizz Kaliko – Orangutan Lyrics

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko] Get off the seat of my pants
I wanna knuckle up, and beat em [?] King of the jungle, I beat a chimpanzee
I never gave a single fuck on a mansee
I never ran the city of Kansas banshee
Number one draft pick on Speedom, beat ’em

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko] Oh, let ’em out, let ’em out
Animal and he’s circling about
Keep us free and it won’t come out the mouth
Monkey do, monkey see, it’s about to go south
He never did no harm to me
Like he could free easily
Enough to make your heart go bad
Ferocious Orangutan

[Bridge] Don’t kill anyone who can’t be killed

[Verse 2: Krizz Kaliko] Get off the dick of a nigga bigger than you, get money
To hand me
You don’t know me, I pull up on the sanby
Pull out the jimmy, put it right where their hand be
Guns is handy, big as Michael Alig with candy
Can’t stand me, plan to can me, dick (But I rock)
Holler if you found a n—- better (?)
‘Bout them fans (but he not)
Still, I got to get a little cheddar
In my land, the hand under (?) man (and he drop)
And figure out what they’ll never (?)
To stand (on that block)
On some grown man stuff, never weak

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko] [Bridge 2] No destroying what can’t be destroyed

[Verse 3: Godemis] Ain’t nobody here ready for the beheading
I’m bringing the Armageddon
They killing dead and then let ’em in
We put the peddle to the metal
It’s W-T-F ever whatever they wanted you to edit in
Don’t really matter what I say or what I be on
They knowing they can take it to infinity and beyond
They prayin’ on my death, hoping that it wouldn’t be long
But it could take an eon, no B-S so we gone

[Verse 4: Ubiquitous] We on speed, you couldn’t get a lead on
Or keep calm, rap fast and feast on
I heard everybody gotta play the fool
Inner jungle, nobody safe from the chain of food – you dig?
And I been cooking in the kitchen waiting on a couple things
That didn’t come to fruition that be doing the spring
I wouldn’t think that rappers are really bitches
Strip ’em of all their riches and see what they can do in the ring
Scooby is big if you can consider both of us represent for the middle
Keep it Strange and doing it big
You be the king, orangutan, usually
Anyone hanging from a branch but you couldn’t swing
Ha, and if you was insane
You never see it but believe it’s a beautiful thing
I sped up speed, you seen I make ’em swim upstream
Live in a cage until the day they gotta give us free
Let him out

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko] [Verse 5: Tech N9ne] Evolution is saying I came from monkeys
I don’t know but what I do know is people get super jumpy
In every part of the country, they look at a nigga funky
Like I’m an alien baby and I get ’em all really grumpy
When I spit it, they don’t want to admit it, but I shit it
Whenever I get to pivot up on the mic and I live it
I get ’em livid, I do the impossible, fuck a critic
I tell ’em to kid-iss my Did-dick you Bid-itch

[Verse 6: JL] Come and witness the animals on exhibit
We taking over the planet and all of the outer limits
They hand me they will and really they gotta be reinvented
With the pen and some picture being plotted, you couldn’t mimic
I’m incredible, service I’m in a tin and let him out like Krizz
Hanging off of the tree but I’m hanging, chest banging indestructable
Diamonds on display and see us swinging
On the monkey bars, who let an orangutan in?

[Verse 7: Wrekonize] Hongo, banging on the bass of the bongos
Even the Congo strapped up with a longbow
Soon as we get to rockin’, I be up in the Times bro
Cause I’m an animal happy to damage the swan ho
Why you gotta be knocking the (?) switch?
We get it poppin’, more than often you do eat shit
Hit the drop and motherfuckers chop-suey prick
This our planet goddamnit, King Louis, bitch

[Verse 8: Rittz] Somebody better tell ’em watch the throne
I come outta nowhere with a knockoff like Holly Holm
You gon’ talk now mouthing on
The name’s Strange, rang bells worldwide, what you parking on?
I’m running on ’em like I’m Cartman on
My switcher looking like a waffle cone
But know my homies know I came to drain
These rappers thinking we the same, We ain’t
I might jack the track while you just back up
Saying the name, I’m an orangutan

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