Lady Britannia

Ain’t what she used to be

Used to rule the sea

Now she’s naked as a jaybird

But there’s truth in nudity

Roses glued to her cheeks

Blushing through the
Lady Britannia, are you embarrased?

Darling, just show a little leg, you can still swivel heads in a well fitting dress

You got wrinkles, well yes

There’s a lot to frown about

Greys in her hair, pain and despair

Wait, we’re not here

To list our sorrows, but to drown em out

How about we share a glass of wine

Put our lips on the same spot

They thought the sun would never set

But the flame snuffed out

And our lady’s crown turns green when the rain comes down


Lady Britannia

I was pouring syrup on your porcelein skin

When did it sour

There’s always more flesh to devour

Your hourglass left me enamoured

But when I entered your castle I must’ve fell through a trap door

What spell did you caste, cus I fell in love with my captorLady Britannia

My young fair Lady Britannia

Lady Britannia