[Verse 1]

Cut another check

Swishing on the net

Haters wanna jock me

Well, I’m coming for their necks

They ain’t seen one like me

I’ve been plotting since a jit

And all my dawgs behind me

‘Cause i always rep the set

Calling me a prophet

Bitch, I profit then I rest

I’m a dog, motherfucker

I ain’t happy till I’m fed

It’s a cold world, brother

Better bundle up the sweat

‘Cause the storm has been incoming

This is just the starting bit

Flossing my deposits

Yeah, I’m stacking the reservеs

Got a load of ammunition

So the bag has been secured

This is what my lifе has come to

I’d be fucking scared

If you cast doubt on me

Then best believe it, you’ve been cursed

Old hoes, they were dippin’

Now they on my fucking nerves

Always in my DMs

I ain’t seen em, tables turned

I don’t owe nobody

Where were you when I was hurt?

Only for my posse

‘Cause we got it out the dirt


Only for my posse

‘Cause we got it out the dirt
[Verse 2]

I put my heart on the line

I put my pride to the side

I was in traffic

They were behind me

Constantly covering lies

I took a note to the head

Never will I be disguised

Never will I disrespect

Feelings that come to my mind

I was so damn hurt

I was so damn tired

I bet on my worth

Now i got that fire[Verse 3]

Nearing on a million

Played my cards, another hand

I can’t be asleep

I gotta buy myself some land

I don’t overthink

I just take action and I plan

I was built for this

It’s no surprise that I’m the man

Don’t believe me, just watch

I could go run up a stock

Imma invest it into some shit

Where i’m the one calling the shots

Nah bitch, fuck what you thought

I seen you ride with the opps

Imma discard our every connection

I don’t be keeping a lot


Imma discard our every connection

I don’t be keeping a lot[Verse 4]

Fuck what you said, I’ll be the man

I’ve been perfecting my craft

I’m the gym playing for Ms

This is no ball on the grass, ay

Momma done told me

Shit would go fast

Imma just soak it all in

I’ve been at peace

I’ve been at peace

Hopefully I’ll stay on task

Walk in the streets

Walk in the streets

Asking for my autograph

I am the end

I am the end

I am the last