Last Of A Nation

[Chorus] x2 Killah Priest

We are last of a nation

On some past devastation

Come King, we are awaiting

Elohim, we await them

From a ship so far

From a land so far

From a world so far

Yahuwah, Yeshua

Revolution, new evolution

[Rasul Allah]

Yo, I see some cold nights and bitter days

The bitter page that display

Your body shot up in a hollow grave

From the cradle to the slave trade

Black skeletons lay in the Atlantic Ocean

Spiritual revolution, the spirits elevates

The soul levitates, meditation

Take your inner being thru spiritual oasis

Look to the hеavens, the atmospherе

They say the angels are there

The mothership will appear

2012 marks the approximate date

The Elohim will greet you

Than destroy you

The comet approaches

The tidal waves will swallow you

The Lost Children, a lost nation

Lost knowledge that was forbidden

The spiritual wisdom is all mysticism
[Killah Priest]

The black horse stands on his hind legs in divine shade

The thunder light makes the cloud roll back

The lion cubs find his way

Time to pray, the final day

We kneel, peace be still

The most graceful, the most merciful

We take it personal

On how they murdered you

We take the drink oath

Than we at the roof with the scope

At the president’s house

Lead in your mouth, the desert is out

All weapon’s about, the leopard is crouch

The reverend is doused

Holy oil on our forehead

We truly royal, we get more bread

Strategize, hell in eyes

Magnetize, watch the bottom rise

Solomon wise, we swallow your pride

Knowledge your tribe, with power we rise

So follow our scribes, cuz

[Chorus] Killah Priest

We are last of a nation

On some past devastation

Come King, we are awaiting[Killah Priest]

So we come as the victorious warriors

Returned as such glorious

Horseback riders with swords beside us

As they knight us, fight as righteous

Dragon Lord family, the Most High brides

We stand over land in the sea

We bind the king’s feathers of ion

The letters of Zion

We killed their eagles

His feathers are flying

Priest I head the alliance

Gather we’re tyrants

For we are not men but we are LION!

Lord of War, swords come to sever the giants

G/Ciples, we got seeds of pirus, peep the arrival[Chorus] x2 Killah Priest