Like Moths to Flames – From the Dust Returned Lyrics


There’s nothing left of me for you
I’ll get through like I always do
Youʼll end up just as Iʼd expect
Take for granted everything I had to give
I’ve had enough
Gave everything I had
But it didn’t have the touch
Cause it’s lost on a shelf
Collecting dust
Every word about my hell
These nights I don’t dream
Sleep is nothing but a luxury
And the price has become too steep
Hard to believe there’s any hope for me
The ones we should fear the most
Are the ones we give all of our hope
Now I’ll sleep with one eye open
How do I learn to trust again
When all I know
Is fighting from the bottom
Hard to know
What’s left here in the end
Down and out
Is right where you left me
No good deeds
Without a fee
Surviving by the hand that fucking feeds
Hard to win
When you’re always dealt the same hand
Forced to fold
I never had a chance
War inside my fucking mind
Living only to exist
Expiring with time