Lil Chuckee – Young Dream Chaser Lyrics


This is well fucked up
Yeah thats how Imma start it
Niggers think that its pussy to be the man
And say sorry
Guns dont kill people
Its the one thats holding it
Getting trigger happy
And cant control the shit
This man just turned 18
Birthday just 4 days ago
How the fuck his momma supposed to be thinking
He bought a funeral?
Tell me how she supposed to feel
When she get a casein
And her son just got killed
When it came up
It just trying to get back to the city
But when you get back to the city
You get caught in the city
We just run a motor vapor
Im sure you can do this too
But theres always a hater when I load up
Let me leave that alone
We need peace and you can
Hear it in this fucking song
We need peace
And I aint talking about those two fingers
I guess were good team
Living like a Jerry Springer
Guess were good T living in the fucking darkness
Dont tell me shit right now
I am heartless
Walking to the light
And I aint stop walking
This the wrong thing then Im sorry
Hold up!

These days you cant trust none ever
Shit these days you cant trust your nigger
Bet hed be the one to set your ass up
Now he doing all that crime that you burry up
Fucking actor, I should slap you
But damn Im trying to switch my ways
Trying to stick to the script
Stop thinking the damn paid
Stop thinking the damn paid
Im yelling out
Start the vibes
Cut the head, Im like
How the hell we gonna stop this?
A bunch of yall niggers riling
And they got it on the mind and they bought it
Hold up!
Wheres the peace little Snoop?
Fans aint fans gonna miss you
We just wasnt ready
I still hear you freestyling from heaven
Lead that!
Yeah !
I aint get a chance to meet you my nigger
But I seen the grind, I heard the pain
And bi heard the struggle in your voice
And I respect it there
A true dream chaser
Come but never forgot
17 yeah
This man was 18
Just turned 18
Life too short man
For real
If youre listening to this
I hope youre getting the message out of this
You hear me
Youre not just listening to this
On and critique this
And say yall check this
Say deny man!
This is a message
Im trying to get some of this to yall
Yeah but I got my own organization sacks
Community kids
Start the bullying tour
Im trying to make a change
Im not just rapping anybody
Be thankful for every day you wake up
Cause theres people that dont

So crazy
I still think about it
And sometimes I just get lazy
Think about y father
But really made me grind
Just made me shine
And I do what sway
That is my time!
Rest in peace little Snoop!

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