Lil Glowstick – Fuck Master Poe 2 Lyrics

[Verse 1] Im under rated
I made it
Im the most fuckin hated
Just because i roasted poe
But yall know shes a hoe
I don’t give a fuck if im whiter then snow
Atleast my hair don’t look like my moms pussy afro
Im in my lambo
Poe’s pussy smell like a mcdonalds pussy combo
Your pussy is blue
Your pussy is roten
Shut the fuck up and pick up more cotton
You be facebook like bottin
Now i wrecked you now your whole career is forgotten
Yeah man sorry for giving you a “L”
I don’t care thats why im making this distrack
Honestly it looks like you smoke crack
I eat pussy like you for a snack
All you do is try to act black
But really your fuckin whack
Master Poe is a undercover cop
Thats workin with Fetty Wop
But yall aready know his head looks like a motha fuckin mop
Bitch act hard then run up, or get dropped
Yeah we got beef
Know wonder why you got train tracks on yo teeth
Your single because you fuck ducks on omegle
I hope you get ran over by a truck, with no luck
Fuckin slut, at pizza hut
Every day i spit real shit
Your not lit, you look like a clit
Oh why you hate Trump?
Because you got dumped
Your nose is long it looks like a fuckin gas pump

[Outro] Bitch Get Wrecked!!!!!

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