3…2…1… GO!!
[Verse 1: Pasty]

Haha (ayy)

Ayy P J

Pasty andJuan

Doing magic with your girl

Take one look and she gone

We go together like OJ

How we fit like a glove

I got so many outlets I turned into the plug, okay

Used to be nice now I’m toxic

Batman to robin

Pausing to sip on the tonic (mmmmm)

Reach for my dick feel an Onix

You’re too slow in the whip when I drive I’m like sonic

I got the Uzi ooo-wee

Don’t gotta box shoot at a ratatouille

Till they popped out with the toolie

Tryna school me

Had to take off all my jewelry

[Verse 2: Pasty]

Woah (woah) woah, typa shit makin a panda step back

Woah (woah) woah, maybe rethink what I’m doing before i get wacked

Woah (woah) woah, Jimmy Neutron gotta blast

Started off first sure as shit I’m not last

Too many opps so I’m bringing my strap

Grabbin’ my mask, robbin’ the bank

Walked in with a 5 walkin out with an eighth

They call me Bruce, fly like a plane

We just go together like Batman and Wayne[Verse 3: Juan Ketchum]

You know Lil Pasty the Finn to my Jake

Hop out of bed cuz there’s money to make

Said she was missing her whoopie cushion but a whoopie cushion is what she call my face

Said you was better but that’s never the case

Cuz you know that nobody’s gon do it like this

Don’t mean the nether when I say my steel is gon send him to hell with a couple of clicks

Steppin to me ain’t the smartest decision

You know that I’m winning you all know the risk

It ain’t the same when I drip lemonade

Cuz I got yellow diamonds all over my wrist

Choppa gon’ eat like it’s pretty Patrick

When its empty I pull out the automatic

Feed em to the t-rex and my dino patek

He said he lost his crew but he never had it

They be ridin’ my wave like they johnny tsunami

Iced out all my shooters like plants vs zombies

Got Robin and Nami up on my salami

They know that I’m fligher than Falcco Lombardi like-