[Intro: Pasty]

Got this new heat, autographed by Bruce lee (it got kick)

Pasty Juan things hit the dab and the Quan-ding (ding-le

Takin shots at your mom talkin’ offspring

Out in moo moo meadows (?) growin’ top weed all spring (moo moo)
[Hook: Lil Pasty]

Hand on my ratchet if your tryna get clanked (bow bow bow bow)

Feelin’ like the joker how i laugh to the bank (hHA)

Walk in the room (yea?) , smellin’ the stank

I got nothing to do smokin’ pounds to the face

I got nothing to do, coppin vans everyday

I got nothing to do , spend a grand everyday (every single day)

I got nothing to prove, in the lamb ima race (I am)

I got something to lose, keep the gun on my waist ay

[Verse 1: Lil Pasty]

I don’t got time (I don’t got time)

For a hot line (for a hot line)

With a buncha dumb thots on my phone line (dumbass haha)

Sorry not sorry but I gotta girl and she need mе

Shit is too easy (pasty)

Gettin this beat wеt like fiji

Gettin my feet wet while leaning

Poppin a bean n’ my eyes big I’m trippin Im seeing a genie get money routinely then dippin houdini ain’t nobody see me I got these new vvs believe me they beaming

Gun gotta beam

I gotta blast, ima comeback tho like the cavs

She put her feet up on the dash

But its pasty so I ain’t mad[Verse 2: Juan Ketchum]

He doin everything I tell him call him Peppermint Butler

We droppin all the hottest tracks that you gon bump in the summer

Don’t invite you to the party cuz you know you’re a bummer

I saw your momma at the store and then she gave me her number (woa woa)

I got a thing for Scarlet Witch i’m watching Wanda vision

Then I gotta go, I gotta split im talkin Wanda Vision (get it)

You know Ima always chase the bag like I was on a mission

I’m not gonna repeat for the people who don’t wanna listen DUMMY

So focused on reminisce

You lackin the relevance, to be talkin’

How bout how Im poppin I’m toxic I’m venomous

He think he my nemesis, he servin’ my beverages

Keep on thinkin that it’s a game ain’t no Sega no Genesis

I don’t care if you pull out the Glock

I pull up with a sword so your bullets get blocked

No achievement unlocked ya that’s return to sender

I’m choppin them up then they go in the blender

I ain’t no pretender I must be a cannibal

He got no drip so his swag is intangible

Don’t want no pen if the pencil mechanical

Goin’ crazy with the drum I’m an animal

[Outro: Lil Pasty]

Tag me in bro tag me in (pastys back!)

Pasty back and I’m flashing bling (blinggg)

New mixtape with a brand new date

Goin bank to bank and I stay laughing (haha)

Off the perc got me mad like green goblin (green)

She a one upper the way that she toppin

He wanna scrap bro your not him (your not him bro)

Peter Parker, who I forgot him (..wait who?

Ayy man shout out Juan he’s got like the nastiest flow-

I mean you guys know that

Shoutout Yuki

Shoutout August

Shoutout you guys

Shoutout Juul

Shoutout Lewy

Shoutout Justin

Shoutout Pasty!