[Intro: John Agard]

Explain yuself wha yu mean when yu say half-caste

Ah listening to yu wid de keen half of mih ear

An when I sleep at night I close half-a-eye

Consequently when I dream, I dream half-a-dream

An when moon begin to glow, I half-caste human being

Cast half-a-shadow
[Verse 1]

Yeah, uh, small man cast a big shadow

Ready and raggo, heart stays dodging from the arrow

Skin of my teeth, late nights I was paro

Sweet to the bone, to the marrow, the marshmallow

Yeah, wonder why the waters so shallow

The sun was my ally, the night was my gallows

Uh, cooking up the chips in the tallow

Invisibility cloak like the hallows, black like tobacco

Black like thе lungs that my dad smoked away

In the days that the hatе stayed narrow

I’m from the age where the hate seems macro

We keep a little oil in the afro, The Black Sparrow

Hit the high seas, straight like Sopranos

The streets still hot like Serrano, saran wrap

Around the bad taps so we had to grab the hose

Let the cold water flow over man’s nose


Yeah, I’m black like the key on the piano

White like the keys on the piano, low ammo, uh

Black like the key on the piano

White like the key on the piano[Verse 2]

Fascinated by the pyramids, masquerading as the infamous

Reminisce thirteen, back flipping and ninja kicks

Was emceeing but no one getting me into this

Been emceeing since I found out this shit exists

This shit that fills the pain as the wisdom spits

Out of the ink and drips, the feels of the wings unclipped

The beats I ripped ’til I got sent a batch of my own

Now I let the speakers bang out your home

Uh, let the words flow out my dome

As a spoken poem, let it levitate your zone

I’m the homegrown preacher, the creeper, Thai, not sativa

But these days I wouldn’t smoke either

S-O-B-E-R, I take a breather

Pink lungs, yo, I got my mind looking cleaner

The deep sleeper, ayo, I came back sweeter

Can’t lie, I’m still afraid of Grim Reaper

Uh, put another verse into the ether

I hit the corner giving twenty pounds to Peter


It’s like that, key on the piano

Black like the key on the piano, no ammo

Ayo, I’m white like the key on the piano

Black like the key on the piano, no ammo[Outro: John Agard]

When Tchaikovsky sit down at dah piano

An mix a black key wid a white key

Is a half-caste symphony