Lute – Ambitions Lyrics

[Excerpt: 2Pac] I know you got 40 billion dollars, can you just keep it one house?
You only need one house
And if you only got two kids, can you just keep it to two rooms?
I mean why have 52 rooms if you know there’s somebody with no rooms
It just don’t make sense to me

[Verse: Lute] I much rather rap or sell drugs than to do this shit forever
We either playing ball or land a job
Come to playing to ball, my shot off like Cheddar Bob
And I’d much rather have rap or sell drugs than work two to twelve just to miss the number twelve bus cause I overslept
Due to the double I just worked, tryna get this work
Made it out the mud, now we in the dirt, like [?] See me on squirt, nigga, where the work?
Came across these jugs ’cause my pockets hurt
And see I’m far from the trap rapper, but I’m strapped like an East pack on a backpacker
And oh how I wish I really wish it wasn’t that way
And this the life we live when we come up on the forward
And rob a nigga blind, niggas pose with your Michael Kors in the latest source with the Porshe like its fast Ford
Fast forward, we ain’t on no block no more
Now fast forward, look, we don’t punch no clocks no more

[Outro: Lute] Shit, what time is it?
Damn, I’m late for work

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