Lute – Git Up Lyrics

[Intro] Woke up late this evening
Yesterday, I got laid off
Really hope this rap shit pay off

[Verse 1] ‘Cause now I got to get up, get out, cut that bullshit out
Man, I’m sick and tired of having to do it out
See lately I been thinkin’ bout, hitting jugs with my cousin
At this vacant house
My conscious like chill, got a baby now
Only reason why a nigga tryna make it out
But you don’t here me though, slowly fading out
Baby mama always askin’ what I’m thinking ’bout
A picket fence that just so happens to come with a house
Is you with it though?
‘Cause lately you been in and out
Uh, I spit my soul as the trumpets trump
I’m just tryna stack a dollar like I’m Donald Trump
Guess if I, stick to the music then maybe when I re-become
Work a third shift to get my mama out the slums
So by the time I see the Sun, I never let the grind define who I become, and wealth is in the mind
In due time, I’m number one, on the Forbes list
Down a forward in a Porsche
Simple minds can’t afford this
I know a couple niggas who started with a gram
Now they flipping kilos
Dubai, some things money can’t buy
Bless these instrumentals Heaven sent me

[Hook] [Verse 2: GQ Slaughter] Birds of a feather flock together for a reason
And see lately, I been patient but I can’t keep up


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