Madchild – Underground King Lyrics


I am alone, I am not lonely
I am dangerous, mister man can talk in a track, banting up, banting cuz I’m bent for drinking coffee in a banging king up
Walking through a club, look at me like you don’t belong here
They run away like I’m a motherfucker bomb scared
Hard …, ‘, walk through the park shot’carry on

The kids bitches like a pittbul ‘
Wiping subject from a chapter …material
‘with a fortune barely’
I left the ..cause I am sick of all the condoms
They wanna kill me like I’m fucking joke from ‘
Looking from the light but I see trouble down under
Split personality so I’m like double ‘
They try to pull me down and I separated the’
Now, I’m a rebel you can reveled in this devil thoughts
My mouth it’s full of fire works so guess you like forward
Life’just looking my reflection like in my world

Riding above the sky let’s just hide
I’m a rebel ‘in this line ‘with the best design ‘
I’m electrified, mystified ‘.
All you little insects I’m pist inside
Just being least admire ..
I make a gold for rich ‘for filling each desire
Turn my self into a true artist
This kids retarded they just party and they spill garbage
You’re not a real gangster, you’re not a crack dealer
Way the rest of life they got to rap, they drink a ‘
Not me rap immaculate, I’m spectacular
I’m a fucking rap ‘
I’m the underground king, underground king, underground king,
When I’m around something special happened every time
I’m the underground king, underground king, underground king,
Now it’s clear I’m here for one clear reason

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