Maldonado – Yung $CRUB!!! (Arnez Beef) Lyrics


“Maldonado, where you been?”
“Have you heard Arnez beef?”
Yeah, I listened to that trash
And that shhh is real weak

I heard its time to go home
Isaiah’s calling in the streets
Why am I wasting my time
With a kid who steals beats?

This dude a bum
And he’s hella dumb
Head shaped like a plum
Need some gum
I was walkin’ up
Dude ain’t do nun

You need to hush
Must not have a brush
Heard you do not flush
Gettin crushed
Tears about to gush
Lyrics they are mush
Made in a rush
And you bout to blush

Arnez you stank
Go’head get Brianna
Just so she can leave a blank
You should thank
Took this as a prank
All your songs are jank
Lets be frank
Say you got this cheese, when nothins in the bank

Skinny Jeans bustin’ ahh
You lookin like Blade
Holes in that Cola Hoodie
…You a bummy Luke Cage
Plus yo Pumas trash
Sneakerheads in a rage
Imma have to bust you out
On that Riverside stage

Took you a week
With a stolen beat
Knew you had to cheat
You can’t see me
With these bars and heat

You sleep up in yo…bus? (*pause the beat and say: “this dude rides the bus?”)
You can’t compete
Go’head take a seat
Yung $hrub is too sweet
Your rhymes offbeat
I just made a tweet
How $hrub took this defeat

You were undefeated, 3 and 0
Really doesn’t show
Plus we know you can’t count
We all know you slow

Sit and talk about girl
It’s a corny joke
Everytime we ask where yours at
Don’t nobody know

Lets end this right now
You all in your emotions
You think you got waves
Yo shhh not like the ocean
You and Don are soft, you’re not worth the commotion
You might not understand, so I’ll say in slow motion

Yo Pumas are trash aye
Ain’t got no waves aye
You made a diss track aye
Then asked me to stay away
Do you have a lining? No
Those khakis are tight aye
Do you have waves? No
Got dissed by a teacher aye

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