Maurice Moore – Dreamer interlude Lyrics


I’m tryna, I’m tryna
I’m tryna to make, sense of, how I feel
How, I, feel
I’m tryna, I’m tryna…

Dream on little dreamer
I know the world is lookin’ scarier than ever
Just use your imagination and you’ll find this true:
That realists never have fun, they’re much too scared to

Oh, whoa
Dream on little dreamer
Dream on, oh
Dream on little dreamer

Won’t you just dream a little bit
I just hit the vape and then I drift
My pineal gland is open like the inner thighs of your bitch
Watch me turn my dream into a script

Yo, we, we all gonna die anyway so.. why.. not?
Why… not?
Why… not?
Why not?
Why not? Why not?

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