Maurice Moore – June 21st Lyrics


Went for a late night drive
Not a cloud in sight
It might be one of those nights
Oh, yeah, yeah
Just wanna hold you tight
Your colors so vibrant
Your aura shining
Making sweet love just a little bit rowdy
I-I never wanna stop it
Don’t wanna stop it
Me and my summer love we gonna be making love, through the day, though the night
All summer long, oh baby
Oh, oh, oh
God damn

Yeah baby I just wan’ sit back and enjoy ya
When you look this good it’s so hard to ignore ya
Let me put you down on the counter baby
Drive your body crazy, oh
Girl, I got the sauce baby
Last year was a preview now I’m goin’ off baby
Everywhere I go I’m gettin’ stopped, baby
Baby if you wanna tag along better be cool about me writing songs about you

I’m at a loss for words
What did I do to deserve this?
Oh, I’m at a loss for words
What did I do to deserve this? (Oh)

Welcome to The Amber Room (Yeah)
Welcome to The Amber Room (Yeah)
Welcome to.. Amber Room…

[Outro] Ottowa’s number one hit music station
The New Hot 89.9, how are you? It’s Race
Hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday, lot’s of sunshine
It is shining, it is hot, Summer’s finally here
And speaking of hot, I have brand new music from Ottawa’s own
Maurice Moore the song is called “Little More”
You heard it here first on The New Hot 89.9

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