Me, Myself & Pride

[ Intro: Nick Grant ]
Love, love, love, love[ Verse 1: Nick Grant ]Uh

You Got Me Twisted

I Don’t Think You Really Get It

Dirt On My Name, Still

You Better Bet Bitches Dig It

I Thought You Brighten Up My Light Baby Aunt Vivian

Don’t Let Your Pride Override What You Really Feelin’

Me, Myself And I


Me, Myself And Pride

I Put Your Needs First

When I Put Myself Aside

With All Your Personalities Living Double Lives

You Just Covered Up The Truth While Laying In Your Bed Of Lies

I Was Truly Involved… Though, I Grew To Evolve

You Were Hеre For A Season I Turn A New Lеaf In Fall

Moody And All I’m In Tune With The Flaw

You Were Different When We First Met

I Should Sue You For Fraud

Trust Is Not Enough We Need Something From Above

You Confuse Love For Words You Had Spoken Just Because

Revenge Is Only Sweet When Another One Bites The Dust


Love And Other Drugs

Love Another Drug

You Got A Bad Record

And Its Fucking Up My Buzz

But I Ain’t Really Trippin’

I Found Peace In The Distance

Treat You With Respect

So To Speak

At Least With Tradition

While Your People Hating On Me

And I Deeply Send My Forgiveness

Cause Eagles Un-Concerned With The Opinions Of Pidgeon’s

Art Of Love & War

All You Draw Is My Suspicion

We Remain As Bout’ As Loyal As These Options Been Given

Its Fuckin’ Crazy