Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs – Hashashin Lyrics

[Verse 1: Meyhem Lauren] Still in the spin like baggage claim, a savage aim
My niggas had the cane so you know we had to gain
Shit, we could of had the game, fuck it I’m good though
All I need’s a hot plate, wife, and a good ho
I’ll kill you with a block of ice and melt the evidence
You wasn’t shit, me doing that is like benevolence
The fly shit I block can give life to dead presidents
Blow a few stacks and have ’em run up in your residence
See blacks, browns been eatin’ sea bass oscar
Lookin’ like my family reunion
Now we sippin’ wine like we takin’ communion
God bless
No confusion Lord we understand all
Never politic with polic my nigga stand tall
Corduroys all lookin’ like our fathers
Soak up sopping, came through holding revolvers
Half my leg covered in suede, I stay paid
Got fam in the county of Dade, I’m from New York though
Talk low, eagle hawk flow, can talk though
He sport low, ancient changed i’m still maneuvering

[Verse 2: Conway] The MAC or the AK which blicka to use
Fuck it the desert eagle, 4-5th what I choose
Even though the 5th got a little kick when it boom
But I’m used to this shit, I be blickin and smooth
Lift up your roof, bust a nigga when I’m grippin’ this tool
Kill every beat I’m on, I consistently do you
Said you sick as me
That don’t make sense to me dude
Cause I been nice since elementary school
Lyrically- who fuckin’ with me?
I ain’t make it on the list, but it’s cool
Every verse I write is like a brick of some food
I’m descended, removed industry dudes
The niggas that dress like bitches
And the niggas that figure it’s cool
They like Machine, none of these niggas official as you
Cause the shit I rap about is the shit that I do
In real life, if I green light it, missiles gettin’ through
Fuck up out of my way, let my niggas get through

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