Mind Space

The way that I’m moving y’all say that it’s different cus y’all don’t believe that my heart has been cold

I eat a bullet fa I write a statement that aight nigga talk that’s just how this shit go

I had a talk with the devil he told me watch out cus them niggas aight really ya bro

I know everyday is a fight so Ian finna lie but a nigga been stuck on the ropes
I had my mind on a million that’s when I working and grinding all day to go get it

Now I just sit back and listen and think to myself if I go would these niggas be tripping

That just be all in my thoughts but I’ll keep it there cus I gotta fucked up mental

This one right here aight no song I just needed sum to chill plus I need to vent to

I had a dream to be famous I had a drеam just to make it and sell out a show

Well that lil drеam just faded cus all of you industry niggas just selling ya soul

No ion wanna be basic I just wanna have a few songs on platinum and gold

I do this fa my brova mavi just cus that boy gone don’t mean that his story aight told

Aight no problem when I’m the equation

Living noted can’t stop till we make it

I’m not new here reborn creation

Come in find Me sending locationNo Ion stay in da gutter but dat don’t mean shit still slept Onna fucked up mattess

Ion like beefing wit family fa I go to war wit somebody I love you can have it

I’m not the type just to chill I’m the type person you call when you need to cause havoc

Note that I’ve always been real just never had me a way I could talk bout my madness

That’s why I’m done wit da sadness

Man I never thought death would attack us ay

We shoot at niggas for practice if we miss then we doubling back today

Now all the shortys stay active but it feel like my duty to stay away

Praying this music distract us cus we need to go find us a better way