Mind Yo Business

[Intro: Juicy J]

Mind your business, bitch

Mind your business, bitch
[Verse 1: Juicy J]

[?] in the streets all I see is murder when I close my eyes

I see the dead, martians all in my head, all of my vision is red

The reaper in Gucci and Louis be telling me fuck all these niggas who hating and plottin’

‘Cause I’m ’bout to take ’em to hell

And on my way no one is living to tell

S on my chest when I’m fucking my bitch

Check on my kids when I’m drippin’ like this

Roll me a eight with some moon rocks in it

Glass [?] smoothness in it

Smoking weed to the dome, sleep with my chrome

The devil won’t leave me alone

His body stay droppin’ [?], it’s like the Night of the Living Dead

Demon time, go to bed

Niggas shot up by the opps

His body walk to the feds, the snitch talk to the dead

Niggas ain’t praying to God

Niggas is praying for another day

Niggas is plotting and coming for bread

Eating food off your dinner plate just to laugh in your fuckin’ face

Lost some real homies, whole lot of kids with no dad

I done sacrificed so many bags

Pandemic buried homies in a mask

Shit, I hunt you where you from ’cause it’s nightmares in the mud

If it’s Freddy or it’s Jason, ain’t no one surviving in my hood

From North Memphis, either blood or business

Ain’t no time for feelings

Niggas test you, police rush you

Bitches stretch you for your goods

Niggas see you off the block, everybody want a shot

Had to hustle out the trunk to get everything I got

Make me wanna hollar (Ahh)

Way too much blood in the water

You get [?] and hung

Mafia for life, [?] niggas to do right

Triple 6 gon’ [?] your ass, bitch

Ain’t no witnesses, mind your business, bitch

[Refrain: Juicy J]

Mind your business, bitch

Mind your business, bitch[Verse 2: La Chat]