MINE (feat. [email protected])

[Intro: Selection]

Yeah, Woah

[Chorus: Selection]

You say you love me but I know that you lying

When I’m with you


I feel like I’m flying

Not gonna lie, I’ve been feeling like dying

You should be mine

We all out of time

[Verse 1: Selection]

These hoes tryna play with me

But you know I don’t fuck for free

I’m with my gang

And I know that we

Run the streetsIf I

Love you

Then It’s for life

We just got to talk

I don’t want to fightI just like your presence

You are my present

We could run the world

You don’t need no man

You my Only Fan(Talk)


Talk shit and catch these hands

You know I rack these bands

Wanna talk

No, we not friends

Don’t got opps

I make amends

These pussies sleep

And that’s on them

They talk shit

But they know I’m Him

Did The Impossible

Call me Kim

[Verse 2:
[email protected]]


OkayI don’t take Ls

Cause you know I’m winning

Finna go and hit it back in a minute

Ima slide through

With the windows tintedYou want some love

And attention

But girl

Just what you need


That can treat you right

So girl

Just come to meI don’t mind being your man

I’m giving it all that I can

Even when the stars aren’t aligned

I’ll be by your sideI’m holding you hand-to-hand

And I can buy a couple bags

If that’s what you please

Don’t want you to worry

This is all your gonna get

For trusting in me