Miss A – Exercise

I feel extremely weak, poor little me, Miss E

Too weak to work or speak, poor little me, Miss E

I’ve got to exercise, exercise, exercise, jiggle my toes

E-E-Exercise, wiggle my nose

Will you help me exercise, everybody?

Wiggle your nose, and jiggle your toes!
I’ve got to exercise, exеrcise, exercisе, twist my lips

E-E-Exercise, turn my hips

Everybody, twist your lips and turn your hips!

I’m getting stronger now, I’ll be a new Miss E

Now that I’m learning how, you’ll see a new Miss E

I always exercise, exercise, exercise, reach up high

E-E-Exercise, reach the sky

Everybody, reach up high, reach the sky, stretch!I’ve got to exercise, exercise, exercise, jump up and down

E-E-Exercise, spin around

Jump up and down, everybody, and spin aroundI feel extremely good, look out for me, Miss E

Strong as a person should, here comes the real Miss E

Because I exercise, exercise, exercise when I’m alone

E-E-Exercise my funny bone

Everybody, do you know where your funny bone is?

It’s your elbowI’ve got to exercise, exercise, exercise, day and night

E-E-Exercise, exactly right

E-E-Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

E-E-Exercise, Exercise, Exercise