Mr. Downstairs – Dementia Lyrics


Enticing them all with a taste of dementia
The writing on the wall is the thing not mentioned
With hucks and bread and tears, they sow
Blowing your cover right when the wind blows

I’m starting to fall into a black hole
I’m starting to notice you lose control

Get her fried around acquaintances who are making sense
It’s the final round of making enemies while you sleep
You deny, you deny, don’t deny
It’s a price you, not I, will eventually pay
And it’s all coming to a head

Hold my place while I think it over
So my plate has runneth over

Dementia’s here again (in return)
I’ve been lied to – it happened right on time

With a silent house, it makes the day, it makes me stay
And if we’re heaven-bound, then I guess Sinai wasn’t steep

And she’s still wandering around (it returns)

Do what you want to do – just what you wanted to
I know that you wanted to deny, deny, deny
And I will eventually pay. You’ll pay

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