Mr. Downstairs – Medea {We Don’t Believe You} Lyrics


Give us the truth, and we might still care

Took a long, long slide in the river to reach you

But I am not willing to build a fortress here

And it’s in my will to bring it more than ever, together

Which side is headed for your mind?

Trifle with us and there’ll be none

You knew all along persuasion was the way to win this game

We don’t believe you, so whip us into one

For the truth, I offer why I still might care

Take a long, long look in the mirror who hates you

And fill that shell with liquid ego now

To winding shelves of tainted tales we bow

Ain’t no reason to call us dead – a new race in the making

Every single word I read is just making us stand still

And wishful pigs have taken over words and pictures

No given reasons why …

… Have either and fall

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